Donna Summer

No one can deny it: She is the disco queen of the 70's. DONNA SUMMER is the most complete disco performer, and sold millions of albums all over the world. It all started in 1974, with her first album "Lady of the night". However,she started to achieve popularity in 1975.

The album "Love to love you baby", and the song with the same name has over 16 minutes! In 1976, two masterpieces: "A love trilogy", that brought "Try me, I know we can make it" and "could it be magic". Then, "Four seasons of love", that brought 4 songs, each one represented 1 season, and the single "Spring Affair".

In 1977, the album "I remember Yesterday". It was a travel trough time: "I remember yesterday"is a song from the 30's, "Love's unkind" is from the 40's. Her hit "I feel love" showed the way Techno music was taking.It's amazing how this song doesn't sound dated up to our days. Still in 1977, she recorded one of her best albums: "Once upon a time".

But it was in 1978 that DONNA SUMMER became a megastar: She acted in the movie "Thank God It's Friday", and Paul Jabara's "Last Dance" became a mega-hit! On Studio 54 this song drove people crazy. When the DJ played this song by 5:00a.m people on the dance floor started crying!!!!
Also in this year, the album "Live & More", that brought the brand new "MacArthur Park", that is marvelous! 1979 was the best year for DONNA SUMMER. #1 Several times, her best songs are from this year. "Hot Stuff"is #1 and her biggest hit in USA. "Bad Girls" album and song were a huge success.

Also, it was released the first compilation of her biggest hits, with new recordings: "On the Radio"and "no more tears (enough is enough)" (w/ Barbra Streisand), an astonishing disco duet! When the 80's arrived, the critics said DONNA SUMMER was dead, together with the disco era. However, she showed she was still "alive". In 1980, the album "The Wanderer" showed that Donna changed the style and was ready for the 80's. Then in 1982, the great album "DONNA SUMMER", produced by Quincy Jones. The disco queen was in the top of the charts in 1983, with her smash hit "She works hard for the money"! Also check "Unconditional love", another hit in that year, featuring Musical Youth (do you remember, it was kind of "Jamaican Jackson 5", that charted "Pas de deutche") After 1984, Donna started to desappear from the charts. This period she dedicated her time to her family.

Then, after a nice, but not that good album in 1987 called "All systems go" and the single "Dinner with Gershwin", just in 1989, Donna was back, with "This time I know it's for real" and the great album "Another place and time". Donna's sound was refreshed and new!

Summer died on May 17, 2012 at her home in Naples, Florida, aged 63