Earth Wind and Fire

Earth Wind & Fire is one of the most important groups for disco history. Formed by Maurice White in 1972, released their first single: "I'd rather have you".
However, they would be successful just in 1975, with the song "Shining star" In 1977, with the album All n' All, they had their first big hit: the classic "Fantasy".

From that point on, the critic considered them "the biggest band of the planet"
In 1979, they released their best album: "I am EARTH WIND & Fire". In this album we have many hits, including one of the best disco hits: "Boogie Wonderland", featuring The Emotions.
Besides that, the great ballad "After the love has gone", the dancin' "September"and "In the stone"

In the 80's before vanishing from charts, they still have the great hits "Let's groove" and "And love goes on".